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Yoga Younion
9:00 AM Yoga 3 (Flow)
6:30 Yoga 1 (Gentle)​  April 2, 16, 30
6:30 Meditation/Movement April 9 and 23

5:30 Yoga 1 with Tune up balls 

9:30 AM  Yoga 1 (Gentle)
5:15 Family 
6:30 Yoga 1 (Gentle)
5:30 Yoga 3 (Flow)

9:00 AM Yoga 2 (Slow Flow)
10:30 AM Chair

9:00 AM Yoga 3 with Heat (Flow​ )
10:30 Yoga 1 (Gentle)

These are Yoga Younion class card classes only.
Other ​​classes are sometimes held at Yoga Younion by teachers who rent the space. 

Family class is 45 minutes long. All other classses are 60 minutes and sometimes go a few minutes over.

Check Facebook for daily updates and emergency closures.
 Schedule changes monthly according to class demand and teacher availability. 

Mondays April 9 and 23 at 6:30 PM is Meditation and Movement class. All are welcome to explore meditation with some mindful movement. This is a class card class. Sign up not necessary. No evening Yoga 1.