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Yoga Younion

Our pricing

Low prices make Yoga available to every body! 

  1. 10.00
    No commitment walk in price. Applies to all classes except family and workshops or series
    Walk In
  2. 40.00
    At $8 per class a great deal! Good for 1 year
    5 Class Card
  3. 70.00
    Our best deal, only $7.00 per class! Good for one year.
    10 Class Card
  4. 60.00 a month
    Our best deal for the dedicated yogi. Unlimited yoga- does not apply to series classes or workshops.
    Unlimited monthly Yoga
  5. $6 per adult $4 per child
    Yoga with your kids! This class is for anyone 5 and up (sorry no infants or toddlers.) This is not your average quiet class, and while quiet times are included and encouraged, please be open minded that this is a safe space for kids to be kids. Ever tried duck duck Yoga, NO? You're missing out!
    Family Class
  6. $30 for 30 minutes $40 for 45 minutes $50 for 1 hour
    Private classes enable individuals to work one on one with April. Reason for choosing private instruction may include physical limitation concerns so there is time for more in depth help with alignment and discussion of modifications, and for specific help and with certain postures. Women only, due to past harassment. Sorry I wish it weren't so.
    Private Sessions
Class cards are good for 1 year. No refunds. Same households may share class cards. Cash or check prefered, cards accepted. 

10% senior discount age 65 and up upon request.
10% Military discount with military I.D. on class cards only for use by military members themselves. .