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Yoga Younion
Studio Etiquette

If you’ve been in the Yoga community for any length of time, or even practiced with more than one teacher, chances are you have realized that there are many styles of Yoga with emphasis on different things.  There is no one size fits all Yoga, and no teacher or studio can be all things to all people. The same is true of studio expectations. The following are some guidelines for Yoga Younion.

-Please arrive early to avoid being late. If you are late, be as undistracting as possible as you enter. We do not lock the doors, but chronic tardiness is not preferred.

-Remove shoes at the door. Place shoes and belongings in a cubby. Please do not leave your personal belongings by the door, by your mat, or in the chair at the back of the room.

-Silence your cell phone, if it vibrates on silent, turn it off.

-Please arrive perfume free, it's small space with limited ventilation.

-Leave your politics at the door. 

-Please do not ask other people to move so you can be next to a friend.  That said, sometimes people need accommodations for balance, sight, hearing or anxiety. Please be understanding if asked to move. The person may have reasons that are not obvious. 

-Yoga is internal work, not social.  Please do not excessively converse once class has started.

-Leave your ego at the door. Please do not arm balance i.e. headstand, before or after or during class unless it is part of class. 

-Please save preparing to go (rolling up straps, etc) until after the reading and Namaste. Be present. It’s distracting and these are our final few moments to enjoy the sanctuary of space.

Most importantly, recognize that no one is perfect.  Sometimes a cell phone forgets to be silenced, or a political comment is made, or the person next to you is breathing weird.  We weren't all raised with the same social expectations. We are human. It is best to extend compassion in the times that we are annoyed.  Show up, shine your light, share the space, do your best for that day.